About Wakacast

Wakacast is an online audition/casting service that
connects talents and creators.

By “creators” we mean individuals or organizations who produce
content for film, TV, radio, music, the Web, stage (theatre), visual arts, or
the broad spectrum of the performing arts.


As an actor or talent i you can apply for acting roles or other production jobs from the comfort of your your home or where ever you are.


As a producer or content creator, you can hire talents and crew members to facilitate your production.

As an actor, you can find acting ‘roles’ through Wakacast. You don’t need to run around town looking for updates about the upcoming projects.

Wakacast help you save time and money. It will fast track your production and help you achieve your goals.

Sign up now and join the fastest growing community of creatives in Africa. Follow us on social media as well, so you can remain up-to-date with events in the industry.

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