7 Important points to include in your movie audition flyer

movie audition flyer

There are seven important points to include in your movie audition flyer. Leaving them out may impact the turnout or response to your call. Which means you may not find the best talents to work with.

But, what is an audition flyer and why is it important?

What is a Movie Audition Flyer?

A movie audition flyer is an adverting message designed to invite talents to an audition or movie casting. Whether issued online or offline, It is powerful tool that seeks to persuade and call its audience to action. It desires to attract the right talents and performers for the project at hand.

Without the right information, a movie audition flyer may end up being be a waste of time and resources. A message that misses the critical points of its communication agenda. And may not attract the right talents to your movie audition.

But while a good number of movie audition flyers attempt to convince and bring in the right cast or crew through the message, some concentrate on the superficial. They focus on aesthetics and strive to create the most beautiful design.

And in that process skim on relevant information that will persuade an actor or talent to answer the call or ultimately stake his time, skills and reputation on the project.

However, to create a flyer that will help you achieve your goal of finding the right players, you need to include specific information that will attract and persuade the right talents to give it a shot.

7 important points to include in your movie audition flyer

Before we list out these points, suffice to say that it is important to also include the name of your production company or establishment conducting the audition or casting call.

You may also include information about past projects you have done that you consider noteworthy and will resonate with the people you are inviting. This will help create a sense of familiarity with your brand and build trust with potential talents.

1. Project Working Title/Name in movie audition flyer

Adding the working title of your project is crucial. You should include the genre you are working in, whether it is a feature film, a TV drama series, a documentary, a web series, a talk show, etc. This information will help establish the identity of the person behind the audition and may advance the marketing initiatives of the project.

2. Cast /Character Required (offer a brief description)

Provide brief but detailed descriptions of the characters you are looking to cast. It may include the name, age range, gender, ethnicity, physical characteristics or personality traits, and language requirements of the characters.

Be specific about your requirements or what you want the actors to provide. Such as bringing along a headshot, resume, etc. Additionally, indicate if a particular skill, such as driving, swimming, dancing, singing, etc., is required.

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A sample movie audition flyer. https://wakacast.com

3. Audition Date/Location—(Specify Date & Venue)

Include the date or dates when the audition will take place. Remember to specify the location. It seems like a no-brainer, but many audition flyers leave out the full address or location of the in-person audition. This happens more on social media.

Some mention the neighborhood without indicating the city or even the country. This may be an unintended or deliberate attempt to exclude people from other places.

However, if you want to give yourself a high chance of finding the right talent (who may be outside your immediate environment), cast your net a little wider and indicate the city where you are conducting the audition. Those who can attend will come.

Better still, make the audition hybrid. That is both in-person and virtual. So that people outside your location can participate.

Online Audition

If the audition is online, include a link or platform where actors can connect with you.

However, in some cases, producers request that your self-tape be uploaded to online platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, or sent via email. Your best option to find the right cast, whether online or offline, is Wakacast.com.

Wakacast has a database of actors and talents in Nollywood and other film industries across Africa.

Create your account now, and you will find talents to feature in your projects, no matter your location.

4. Contact information

It is essential to provide the contact information of the producer or casting director (or any personnel you prefer) so that actors can get in touch with any questions or schedule an audition.

It is helpful to include social media handles or a website link so that actors can learn more about the project or production company. Some actors may need help locating the venue or want clarification on other issues. Having more than one telephone line could make things easier for them.

5. Compensation

Mention upfront if there will be no compensation for the role. On the other hand, if the production company require talents to make some form of payment (for whatever reason), it is ethical to state that from the start. Do not ‘lure’ people to your event and spring a last-minute surprise on them.

6. Designing the movie audition flyer

Yes, it is said, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” True words.

But there is no denying that a good, professional, and aesthetically pleasing design can help attract the right people to your audition.

A professional-looking movie audition flyer can make the difference between a good turnout and a poor one. Furthermore, it is also a promotional tool for your project in the pre-production stage.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Having the right image or images and excellent copy can be a pointer to an exciting and creative movie project.

However, it is crucial to keep the flyer concise and easy to read while providing the necessary information for a talent.

As a producer, you have different digital design tools for creating audition flyers. However, outsourcing the task to a professional can save time and ensure you get the best service possible.

Just as you can source your cast and equipment on Wakacast, you can find excellent graphic designers on the platform as well.

Additional Info to include in your movie audition flyer

Providing additional information about the project, such as the shooting location or recording dates, can be helpful.

This will further convince some talents and assure them that production will sail through. And not another project that will fizzle out after the audition.

7. Sharing or distributing your movie audition flyer

The best-designed audition flyer left on your disk drive serves no purpose, so you have to spread the word.

There are platforms, both online and offline, where you can share your audition announcements. But we say hands down, that the best place to attract the right audience is through Wakacast.

Wakacast is the number-one platform that connects talents and creators in Africa. When you post your casting call, audition notices, or production jobs on Wakacast, you reach your target audience. Wakacast is a platform for actors and creatives in both the film and entertainment industries.

Post your audition announcements or casting calls now.


Overall, a good movie audition flyer or casting call flyer should provide all the details that actors need to know about the project. This includes venue, date, time, characters required, pay, mode of audition (in-person or online), and so forth.

So, is there any other information you think we should include in this list to make your audition flyer complete? Please feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you.

You may not have space to elaborate on all seven items on the flyer. But remember to include the most critical information.

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