In search of success in the world of filmmaking

In search of success in the world of filmmaking

Many talents are in search of success in the world of filmmaking. They crave an opportunity to showcase their gifts and nurture their dreams of stardom to reality.

But passion, talent and hope is never enough, thus many fall by the way side.

So, how do you achieve success in the world of filmmaking? Are there secrets or strategies to fastrack success? We will seek answers to these and other questions.

The world of filmmaking is changing. Storytelling as a craft is evolving. Its toolbox of engagement is expanding. If you are a talent (actor), a crew member (cinematographer, editor, etc.), or a producer, then it is time to consider new strategies, processes, or approaches towards achieving your creative objectives and vcareer goals.

Technology is disrupting every sector of human endeavor, and the world of film is no exception. I urge you to embrace the newer and more efficient processes evolving today.

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As an example, drones have taken over the creation of those stunning panoramic shots from the more expensive helicopters and low-flying planes.

8K+3D technology, dual-camera VR, 3D movie technology, and much more are disrupting and enhancing the filmmaking ecosystem.

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Raindance believes that:

The use of technology has improved the qualitative aspects of moviemaking, as advanced technologies ensure engaging and crisp visuals, enhanced sound effects, easier editing tools, and digital film distribution, which helps offer an enriched movie experience to the user.

In this piece, our focus is on how to land acting roles, find production jobs as crew members, or cast the best talent as a producer. Furthermore, how do accomplish that in a faster, and cost effective manner?

But can we, as actors, find roles without hopping around the city or relying on personal contacts? How can a producer source the best talent for a role without depending on the same set of artists everyone calls on?

And for the crew member who works behind the scenes, how does he escape the vicious circle of “feast and famine” to ensure a continuous flow of work without being dependent on the goodwill of a producer?

These are issues a filmmaker must address. Passion and talent are never enough.

I have a question for you. Is filmmaking a hobby or a professional endeavor for you? Do you want to build a career or brand that will stand the test of time?

Will you prefer to work smart, and achieve more? If your answer is yes, then accept my congratulations.

The world is moving on, with or without you. But if you choose to move with the times, then the logical question is: how do I stay abreast of the changes?

Learning as a tool of success in filmmaking

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Dear colleague, it is true that you are gifted, but raw talent is never enough. It needs to be groomed. You have to hone your skills and master your craft. because a diamond in the rough is of less value. Until it is polished to be the gem the world cherishes.

So, how do we all become that stunning diamond? One sure way, is through knowledge and continuous learning.

Not all artists studied art or filmmaking in school. Some would argue it is not necessary. Regardless of your position on that, one thing is certain: knowledge can only increase your talent, not decrease it.

So, do you care to participate in seminars and workshops? Do you subscribe to free online blogs and YouTube channels that can help enhance your craft?

Do you take advantage of the numerous free training opportunities provided by government and private organizations throughout the country?

Do you follow the filmmaking platforms in Nigeria whose main job it is to curate information about our home industry?

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Collaboration/Networking for success in filmmaking

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In addition to making learning a priority, you must seek out the right people to work with. This is because filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor, a “team sport,” so to speak.

It is said, “birds of a feather flock together.”

So, have you made efforts to join one of the relevant associations or guilds that cater to your particular niche in the industry?

There are a ton of them, and most have state chapters to further localize their activities. If you are an actor, please consider joining the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

The Directors Guild, Screenwriters Association, Creative Video Designers (i.e., video editors), Cinematographers, Make-up Artists, and Martial Artists all have platforms that bring talents with similar passions together.

No matter how gifted you are, you can’t do it alone, and the way to collaborate is to engage. Today, we cannot travel in person everywhere, but technology has come to the rescue, so we can still engage and collaborate virtually.

Following a relevant Facebook, Instagram, YouTube page, etc. is a step in the right direction.

Being part of a relevant WhatsApp group is super helpful. On this platform, you will find creative and technical resources to help you in your quest for success in acting and filmmaking. It is a community of filmmakers and creatives coming together to collaborate, learn, engage, and create.


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In the past, the majority of auditions and casting were done in person through physical meet-ups, today the game is changing. Technology is empowering the filmmaking process in a positive manner.

Years ago, if you were in Lagos, you would have had to visit places like the National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos, the Winnis Hotel (Surulere-Lagos), and Lagos TV Agidingbi, among others, to find information about upcoming auditions. Today, the information is shared online for the benefit of all.

But to make it more accessible, at Wakacast, we curate all of the announcements and casting calls, and serve the updates through email, instant messaging platforms and via social media.

With Wakacast, all you have to do is sign up and you receive updates about upcoming jobs across Nigeria and Africa every week.


As an actor, Wakacast helps you find acting roles from any location. Regardless of whether you are a veteran or upcoming actor.

Producers, Directors, and Content Creators

As a producer, director, or content creator, you can post your audition notices or job announcements (i.e., audition notices) directly on the platform.

Producers will have the opportunity to search through our database and cast the talents they consider fit for the task at hand. and contact them afterwards.

Crew Members

Crew members have the opportunity to find production jobs. The vicious cycle of “feast and famine” will be broken, and now you have the chance to source for work without abandoning your craft.

Sign up now at Wakacast to learn more about the opportunities in Nollywood and its varying sub-sectors, which include the Yoruba, Hausa (Kannywood), Igbo, and other emerging indigenous filmmaking niches.

We are not leaving out faith-based movies, such as Christian and Muslim movie projects.

Not too long ago

The majority of auditions and castings were done in-person through physical meet-ups. Today the game is changing. Technology is empowering the filmmaking process in a positive manner.

Years ago, you would have had to visit places like the National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos, the Winnis Hotel (Surulere-Lagos), and Lagos TV Agidingbi, among others, to find information about upcoming auditions. Today, such information is put online for the benefit of all.

And to make that even more exciting, at Wakacast, we curate all of the details and serve the updates to you as they come through email and instant messaging platforms.

With Wakacast, all you have to do is sign up and create a profile.

Upload your headshot or profile picture and input your contact information. With that, you can search through our database for acting jobs that may interest you.

When you sign up, you will be notified of upcoming auditions and castings via e-mail or WhatsApp. If you are reading this post, it means you have access to the internet and the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives, regardless of distance or time.

Friends, you don’t have to run around online groups and forums searching for acting roles or production jobs. Information is power. Look for it in the right place. Filter through and give yourself the opportunity to breakthrough.

Be intentional and work to achieve your goals. Take responsibility. Do not wait for others to grant you permission to live the life you want or serve your success on a platter of gold.

Where will you be in the next five years? At the top, I trust! That is where I hope to see you.

Remember to sign up for the Wakacast newsletter so you can receive regular updates about upcoming auditions and productions in the industry. Invite your friends and colleagues as well.

Filmmaking is teamwork, and the more empowered each player is, the better for the team. Keep shooting. Best of luck to all of us.

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